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Professor Claps Back After His Blunt Email Reply To Student Goes Viral
4 months ago

College is quite a bit different from high school. For one, you have to pay vast amounts of money to go to college and sleep through classes after a night out on the town. 

And there's also a big difference between teachers and professors. Where a high school teacher would tear you apart for being a few minutes late, professors just seem to not care. And that's probably because you're an adult now and it's not their fault if you spend college essentially burning a big stack of money. 

Kade Walker, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, recently found this out when he emailed professor Dave Wiltse asking if he could take a final this week. 

The reply went viral, because of course, but professor Wiltse wasn't happy about one detail...

Social media found it hilarious, of course. 

Yes, his tweet went even more viral than the original.