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Guy Wears All His Clothes At Airport To Avoid Bag Fees And Immediately Regrets It

Guy Wears All His Clothes At Airport To Avoid Bag Fees And Immediately Regrets It
4 months ago

Flying usually isn't cheap, even if you're crammed in economy class with your knees pushing up into your nostrils for 8 hours as you try your hardest to enjoy Batman V Superman while munching on off-brand Chex Mix and sipping Shasta ginger ale.

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When we fly, it's only natural that we're looking for the best bargain around, because who wants to throw away money unnecessarily? Unfortunately in our quest to save a buck, oftentimes we'll fly on airlines that cut corners in order to discount their boarding passes. Oftentimes, these budget airlines will try to make up the money in other ways.

Like making you pay extra for checked bags, a practice that more and more airlines are implementing these days.

The idea of paying for checked luggage seems preposterous, especially to longtime fliers, so it is understandable that many people would come up with inventive ways to avoid these hefty fees.

Something that Twitter user Ryan Carney Williams thought he did on a recent flight from Iceland to England.

Williams thought that he could get away with wearing all the clothes that wouldn't fit into his luggage on his person but was stopped at the British Airways desk.

He filmed his interaction with airline employees, alleging that his boarding prevention was indicative of racial profiling and unfair treatment.

Whatever the reasoning, they were clearly not having it.

This news source from Iceland claims that Williams was being rude to the airline staff prior to boarding and that he refused to leave the front desk. That's when a security guard was called and things took a turn for the crazy.

Williams said that he was polite to everyone during the incident, only to be arrested, pepper sprayed, and then held on the ground when he wouldn't leave the front desk.

Williams then had to explain his side of the story to police and was eventually released from custody. The next day he went to the airport to board a flight with EasyJet, but that wasn't the end of his problems.

He was able to purchase his ticket, arrive at the airport, and pass through both check-in and security, but was then told he couldn't get on the plane back to England because of what happened the day before.

Williams was then stuck at the airport without money or his luggage, since it successfully went to England without him. He did, ultimately, make a Norwegian Air flight back home and avoided a Tom Hanks The Terminal situation.

Thankfully, he was refunded by EasyJet for the entire incident after posting about it on social media.

If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to Williams while traveling, there are some tips, courtesy of LifeHacker, you should follow to avoid any checked baggage unpleasantness that don't involve wearing all of your clothes at once.

The first is to always travel with some emergency money in case you have to check a bag or spend an extra night in wherever city you're stuck in. 

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Travel light. Rarely do you need that many outfits, shoes, and clothes when you're traveling somewhere. Bring only essential items that all match with one another and you'll be a much happier camper when you board a plane.

You should also always try wearing your heavier, more space-consuming items on your person when you board, like a clunky pair of boots and a big coat. Leave the smaller items in your carry-on or luggage.

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You can also try checking your bag at the gate. Often employees at the gate will ask any volunteers to check their bags for free to save space for passengers with carry-on luggage. If the flight is packed, there's always more than a few people who can't fit their bags in the overhead bin, which causes flight delays. Take advantage of this by offering to have your bag checked to save overhead baggage space. Airplane employees will usually check your bag for free.

If you think that Williams was being petty by "avoiding" the baggage fees, he says that he couldn't afford it after being left homeless in Iceland for a week. His circumstances sadly didn't allow him to afford to pay for the checked bag.

Whatever the reasons, I feel for the guy. Being left without money so far away from home can't be a good feeling.