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These Super Realistic Drawings Are Freaking Twitter Out

These Super Realistic Drawings Are Freaking Twitter Out
Updated 4 months ago

One of the biggest selling points for video games, growing up, were the graphics. Me and my family members were always blown away by impressive visuals.

The problem with graphics is that the initial "wow" factor of seeing them after a while, dissipated. All it took was for a new game to come out with more improved visuals that made what you once admired looked lame in comparison.

Case in point, I present to you the commercial for High Heat Baseball featuring the inimitable Sammy Sosa.

By today's standards, the game looks like laughably bad, something that's highlighted by Sosa hamming up how astounded he is.

But there are some artists out there capable of creating truly lifelike visuals, and not for the purpose of selling baseball simulators.

Like these charcoal drawings from Nigerian artist Chiamonwu Joy. 

Just gaze upon these beauties.

No, these aren't black and white photographs! Here she is, drawing the above picture.

Joy took to Twitter to share the art with a simple message.

With art that looks this good, I mean, explanations just aren't necessary.

People were stunned at Joy's skill.

They couldn't believe how realistic her drawings are.

Fellow artists were in utter awe.

Joy shared some more of her drawings that were equally impressive.

Including a step by step process.

The finished product is truly incredible.

Her art exhibits could be marketed as photography galleries and people wouldn't know the difference.

Some people may want to chalk up Joy's work to God given talent, but her peers laud her for her dedication to her craft.

That's right, she is certainly fantastic... Her shirt does not lie.