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Joe Biden Responds To Trump's 'Treason' Claims And Did Not Hold Back

Joe Biden Responds To Trump's 'Treason' Claims And Did Not Hold Back
4 months ago

President Trump was seemingly really upset that some people, specifically Democrats, didn't clap for him after his State of the Union address.

In fact, he went so far as to call the act of not adoring him "treasonous." 

Sadly, Trump's track record of making ridiculous and false claims has precluded him from any type of real shock any more, 69% of the President's claims are either mostly or completely false, and he's told some of the biggest and worst lies than any other President in recent history. Not to mention that the creators of The Apprentice admitted that Trump's billionaire tycoon persona was cooked up for TV, but anyone with half a brain knew that Trump's business history was less than stellar: all they had to do was Google it.

And although there are many politicians who are sick and tired of reacting to all of Trump's moronic claims, there's one Vice President who's particularly appalled by Trump's "treason" remark: Joe Biden.

Biden went on CNN to give an unfiltered interview about President Trump, and it was a doozy.

The former Vice President highlighted that Trump is not only the first president to openly discredit the FBI, but in doing so, he's doing the work of foreign governments trying to destabilize America. He also said that if he was Trump's lawyer, he'd tell Donald not to get involved in the Mueller probe because Trump has "difficulty with precision."

Which is basically a kind way of saying the man's an idiot.

Regardless of whether or not Trump intentionally colluded with Russia, it's hard to deny that Biden's making a great point: having a sizable demographic of Americans supporting you no matter what damage is done to the nation's justice structure is not only narcissistic, but seriously concerning.

Biden didn't hold back in his characterization of Trump, calling him, "a joke."

People are applauding Biden's frankness and his ability to succinctly point out just how harmful Trump's comments can be.

For others, it was just nice to see an actual politician like Biden wreck Trump the way he did.

Some people pointed out that Mitt Romney has been warning us about Russia from a while back, however.

But others pointed out that the reason why Russia is a threat now isn't because they've done anything different - it's because America has become more divided than it ever has before.

And what was that saying about divided nations? They always end up doing just fine, right?

Oh well, probably best not to worry about something as heavy as that. Here's a post where a kid got a signed copy of a Joe Biden meme from the man himself.

Haha, yes that's very feel good.