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This Mannequin Meme Is Both Completely Relatable And Completely Horrifying
2 months ago

It's horrible to admit, but memes involving a styrofoam head are not going away, despite how awful and creepy they are. People will keep making nightmare videos like this forever, because styrofoam never decomposes! It's a curse on the environment and my psyche.

But it goes beyond ruining someone's trip to the grocery store. Now, the mannequin foam head is a simple meme surprise, wrapped up in a tweet:

What's messed up about this is I didn't know it was a mannequin head right away. Then it turned and looked right at me.

People are jumping on this opportunity to be total creeps. 

Even the rustling sound is freaking me out.

But it works for so many things, unfortunately for those of us with mannequin head anxieties.

On the brighter side, they all seem to be very domestic situations. Everybody is napping and arguing with their mom.

Wait. That means it's in the house. Is it in MY house?!

In my bed...

Waiting for me to fall back asleep.

Some captions even make it look real mad.

My nightmare is everywhere and I will never escape.

Now I must join them.