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Woman Sparks Controversy After Sharing Her Stretch Marks From Having Quadruplets
1 month ago

Doreen Ching is a 23-year-old woman who lives in Malaysia, in the Johor province, according to Unilad. Her social media presence on Facebook is mostly selfies and photos of her skin care products, but she had about 20,000 followers. She also posts pictures with her husband:

And also of her kids. Ching gave birth to quadruplets, which is pretty amazing:

And they are thriving:

About a week ago, Ching shared on social media that carrying four babies at once left her with some fairly dramatic stretch marks on her torso. She openly shared a photo of them, writing of her insecurity about how her skin looks now:

She captioned it:

"I received a lot of mummies’ inquiries asking me how to eliminate the scars as you’re gonna be scared… and that’s the price, even if you have money.

There’s no way to get rid of it, and it’s like, every day, every day, every day.

Only 21 at the time, I wondered how I would be able to accept my stomach looking like this for the rest of my life.

The first thing I did when I got out of the delivery room was to look at my stomach and my tears came out.

I was cracked up to a very serious kind of rupture and skin tissue was damaged."

Ching was not rewarded for her openness and honesty. The photo went semi-viral, and the comments are full of people mocking and diminishing her for her scars. In response, Ching shared a picture of herself with her husband, and admonished people for their criticism:

She wrote:

"I see a lot of people commenting calling me ‘ugly’ and it makes me very sick so much so I want to throw up.

Some men said it was all the woman’s fault for wanting to have so many kids.

Do you have any respect for the women of the world? Your mother? Your wife? And a woman who can afford to have children?"

Amongst the haters, there are a lot of people who support Ching, and say that how her skin looks is totally normal for someone who carried kids—even just one kid.

It's true—stretch marks are a completely normal aspect to carrying a baby in an expanding stomach for nine months, and the only reason people are horrified by them is because we hide them away like they're not happening. This is reality, folks! Deal with it.

Ching seems to be at peace with herself, and she has five reasons why:

On balance, it seems like she won out on this one.