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Someone Added An Art Gallery Explainer To Graffiti In Their Neighborhood

3 weeks ago

Who is Barely Alive Clive? Someone is tagging the walls of Brighton with the moniker, and the inquiring pubic has taken note. But they don't know who he is, or what the heck he even means:

But he sure gets around:

One particularly large scrawl by Clive finally got the treatment it deserves.

An unknown curator hung a gallery-style think piece next to one of Barely Alive Clive's greatest works. By greatest, I mean biggest:

It's pretty great:

And reads *ahem* as follows:


The artist juxtaposes the unapologetic, upright arc of the C with the melting fading Es, to represent the turbulent existence of ‘Clive.’ This is reinforced by the inconsistent capitalization of the lettering, signaling a disregard for academic regiment or societal order, echoed in the deft use of the anarchy A symbolism. 

This, along with the crosses used to dot the i’s, evidence the artist;s disillusionment with the rules enforced by British society. The forced simplicity of the colour palette itself is used as a statement to reject traditional art forms that rely on ornate or decorative charm alone. 

Instead this piece carries the viewer with it, and culminates in a drastic downward course, resonating with the piece’s message of being ‘bare[ly] alive' by implying a slow and inevitable end to human existence. The viewer must conclude: we are all barely alive.

Wow. It's like I'm truly seeing Clive's message for the first time.

People are really feeling these notes:

Though there are some cranky pants who don't think anything about this is funny. AT ALL.

Okay, maybe you're daft. 

Most people loved it, and shared some other similar stories:

Better to find art wherever you look instead of just something to complain about. What do you think of this defacement?