Jonna Ivin-Patton

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Jonna Ivin-Patton is a writer for The Social Edge, based in the United States.

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  • PhotobyDavidBecker GettyImages

    Man's Text Messages With Friend Who Was In Las Vegas Massacre Emerge Online

    Text messages after the Vegas shooting.

    By Jonna Ivin-Patton
  • KirkCameron

    Child TV Star Kirk Cameron Makes Astoundingly Tone-Deaf Statement About Hurricanes

    Hurricanes are sent by God. 

    By Jonna Ivin-Patton
  • PhotobyJustinSullivan GettyImages

    McDonald's Employees Explain Why You Shouldn't Order The Fish, And How To Order It If You Must

    You may not want to eat that.

    By Jonna Ivin-Patton
  • stranger things sesame street

    'Sesame Street' Just Did A Parody Of 'Stranger Things' And It's As Fantastic As You'd Expect

    "Eat your waffle, Barb."

    By Jonna Ivin-Patton
  • Man

    Man Waits Five Years To Respond To A Tweet, And Now He's An Internet Hero

    Someone has to keep tabs on all these reminders.

    By Jonna Ivin-Patton
  • CatDIST

    Library Sign Banning Max The Cat Goes Viral, And We Have So Many Questions

    That cat wants what the cat wants.

    By Jonna Ivin-Patton
  • Unsettling

    Unsettling Footage of Kidnapped Man Forced to Marry Despite Crying Emerges Online

    A horrible crime against both "bride" and "groom."

    By Jonna Ivin-Patton
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