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This Dog's 'Before' And 'After' Groomer Photos Are Every Pet Owner's Nightmare


Dads are good for a lot in this world. They can fix your car, give you the best directions possible from point A to B, and there's no one you'd rather call when you're in a bind. But for all their strengths, there are some tasks you're better off delegating to another family member or taking them on yourself. Not to paint with a broad brush, but once they become parents some switch flips in a man's head and he loses all sense of what might be cute or fashionable. There's a reason they call them dad jeans! And if you've ever asked for dad's opinion on a new haircut, then you know he's not exactly the go-to source for advice on that front. He's had the same simple cut for 30 years so like he can tell the difference! That rule translates as much to pets as it does to human haircuts. Trust me, If there's one rule to live by in life, it's that you should never let your dad take the dog to the groomer. There's been some pretty disastrous haircuts in the past, but people just can't seem to learn. Take Twitter user Beau Braden, who recently shared what his dog looked like after his dad got his hands on her...

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