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Source: Twitter

Photo Of 'Dog Rescuers' In Houston Has Us Feeling Thankful And Comforted

By Aimee Lutkin

Conditions in Houston are catastrophic, as Hurricane Harvey decimates the area. Flooding has displaced thousands of people, many of whom are struggling to find shelter. People should, of course, take priority under these circumstances, but that doesn't mean there aren't folks who are remembering the non-human creatures who need help in the storm. 

Hundreds of pets have been abandoned or lost as the flood rolled in. Many dogs in particular are kept outdoors in shelters, and photos of distressed animals in need have been circulating on social media. Most of them are pretty heartbreaking. 

But here is at least one picture to reassure you that there are people who care about animals, and they're out there doing the work to help them:

The Dog Rescuers of Houston collecting abandoned and shelter animals are one bright spot in this terrible time, their smiling faces giving folks a little glimmer of hope. These particular dudes are just one group of many trying to do the work of helping their furry friends. 

Newsweek reports that efforts to organize more pet rescues are in full force,with teams collecting animals and even airlifting groups of cats and dogs to other shelters in unaffected states with room for them. And there are lots of pics of people grabbing their animals and trying to get them to dry land: