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This Costumed Cat Has Become The Mascot Of A Fish Market

This Costumed Cat Has Become The Mascot Of A Fish Market
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3 months ago

Chó is a very special cat: he's owned by a man named Lê Quốc Phong in Vietnam, according to Buzzfeed News. Phong has been dressing up Chó since he wandered into his life on a hot summer's day a few years ago. His name means "dog" in Vietnamese. Yes, he's Dog the Cat. Phong takes Chó out to show off his outfits, and takes especially funny pics of the kitty examining the local produce.

Chó's incredible fashion sense went viral when someone tweeted some pics of him in his fanciest costumes, going about his fish market business:

But he already had a lot of local fans:

Because check these lewks, hunny:

The Internet is obsessed:

We all love Chó! But not as much as the ladies, apparently.

Hard to reconcile my love for Chó with my desire to see animals being spayed and neutered, but since he's in another country, let's let it go.

And just enjoy him for who he is:


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