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Source: Twitter

This Dog Looks So Human People Are Comparing It To Famous Celebrities

By Aimee Lutkin

A dog named Yogi took the internet by storm after a picture of its eerily human-like face got posted on Reddit and creeped everyone the heck out. The dog's owner, Chantal Desjardins, told the Dodo that she doesn't see her pup's resemblance to a person, but other people can't stop commenting on it.

And they really don't like it!

"He has the most human eyes I've seen on a dog," said one person. 

"But it’s not just his eyes. Look at that little grimace smile that can only come from a middle-aged man who’s soul has been given to corporate," added another.

A third said, "I was just thinking of a odd face swap

Edit - ok the more i stare at the dog the more I'm seeing my own face....this is creeping me out... like looking into my soul weird."