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Woman Live-Tweets The Return Of Her Cat That Was Missing For 5 Years

Woman Live-Tweets The Return Of Her Cat That Was Missing For 5 Years
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4 months ago

Get ready to have your heart warmed by something on the internet, for a change. Things can be good, and they're usually good because an adorable animal is involved.

A woman named Nguhi Muturi told a story to her Twitter followers that absolutely blew everyone's minds. It involves a lost kitty named Panther, who unexpectedly returned to her after five years on the run:

Muturi is positive that the cat she encountered is her former kitty—she declawed Panther's front feet (this is terrible don't do this—Muturi herself says she regrets it), and this cat also has it's front feet declawed. The cat also seemed to recognize her father and it's old favorite spot in the house.

Muturi has tweeted about Panther and losing him before:

She couldn't believe it:

It took a minute to figure out where exactly Panther had suddenly popped up from. It turns out Panther had actually been living right next door to her, with her neighbors who called him Charlie. But he went on quite a journey to get there:

Muturi feels like she got a second chance to tell her beloved pet how much she loved him. It looks like he knows:

This heartwarming story quickly went viral, because it has everything: a cat finding it's way back home, love, a farce with your neighbor's pets. It's purrfect.

But Panther/Charlie remains ignorant of his fame:

Thank you to both Panther and his long lost Cat Mom for giving us this story, and the Internet thanks you, too:

There is good in the world!

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