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Source: Twitter

Folks Are Sharing The Tiny Furniture They Bought For Their Pets And It's Too Cute

By Aimee Lutkin

If you have a beloved pet, you know how important they are. It's like everything they do β€” from eat and play and sleep, to even the annoying things they do, like bite your furniture or shed fur all over your pristine black clothes β€” is absolutely adorable. 

Because we absolutely adore them, they can do no wrong in our eyes, no matter how much of a bad boy they are being. And that's why we want to shower them with affection and love, and treats. Sometimes those treats come in the form of bite-sized cookies, but often times, they come in the form of actual furniture.

Writer Ariel Dumas has a cool job working for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and a cool cat who has its own little couch in her home. Dumas very generously shared a photo of this cuteness with her Twitter followers, recommending they get themselves an animal-sized couch for any animals living in the house. So they can really spread out and lounge.