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This Movie Genius Can Tell You What A Film Is About Just By Looking At The Poster

By Mustafa Gatollari

It's no secret that Hollywood has been turning out a lot of the same content for a long, long time now.

If you look at the major movie releases, it's difficult to find a title that isn't based off of a story, isn't a reboot, a sequel, or something that came out of comic book lore. Original stories and screenplays are few and far between. I'm not saying that these movies are necessarily bad, hell, I think there's infinite ways to reimagine classic stories. It's not like Shakespeare created any of his own original plots (except for The Tempest).

It's just hard to deny that when it comes to big budget movie making, studios don't want to take a risk and they target demographics hard. The problem with that logic, however, is that it doesn't always pan out. Just ask the creators of Deadpool if they followed a formula with their movie. They went against all the "logic" in creating superhero movies and ended up making a film that raked in $783 million worldwide. And even though that's an encouraging sign for studios who want to be more adventurous with their releases, that doesn't mean it's going to stop movie makers from creating and marketing their films in familiar ways.