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15 Obscenely Extravagant Ways Rich Celebs Live Their Lives


While most of us cry every time we look at our student loan payments, celebrities are lucky enough to have money to blow on the most ridiculous purchases. And no, we're not just talking about a $10,000 purse or a million-dollar house — we're talking about signs of wealth that go beyond the norm, from miniature dog mansions to paying a full-time person to simply hold their drinks. 

Below, a few examples of stars' most exorbitant splurges. (Get ready to feel broke.)

1. They buy $14 million heart-shaped islands as gifts.

Source: Getty Imags

Back during happier times when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were still together, they weren't shy about buying insanely expensive gifts for each other. In 2013, Angelina reportedly bought her ex-husband a heart-shaped island as a present for his 50th birthday. The island came with two Frank Lloyd Wright-designed properties already on the premises, making it the perfect romantic getaway. 

Of course, now that the two are divorced, it's unclear who gets to keep the island. But can you imagine that scene in divorce court? "He can have the French villa, but the heart-shaped island is mine!"