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Source: Getty Images

We Bet You Didn’t Notice These 5 Easter Eggs the Last Time You Binged ‘HIMYM’

By Carly Sitzer

As kids, Easter egg hunts were pretty much the best — what’s more fun than putting on your frilliest, fanciest, most pastel outfit to embark on a mission to find candy hidden throughout your house?! 

These days, the hunt for Easter Eggs has taken on, well, a very different shape. Instead, it looks more like us watching our favorite shows, for the one millionth time, and trying to find inside jokes, clues, and hidden messages on our newest marathon. And there are a few shows that had as many quality Easter Eggs as How I Met Your Mother. The show itself was full of inside jokes that we still reference today — so it’s no surprise that there were even more jokes and surprises hidden just below the surface. 

So, how well do you think you know HIMYM? Check out our list of five of the craziest Easter Eggs we somehow missed to see if you caught 'em.