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Mom With Twins Gets Unsolicited Parenting Advice And Exacts The Perfect Revenge


Probably every mom has experienced this: you're out with your kids, and they're having a day. One's crying, the other is kicking a rock at a duck, you've dropped the bag with the eggs in it. Life gets overwhelming sometimes. Then all of a sudden some busybody comes on over to tell you the reason your kids are overstimulated is that they're wearing too much red, or something ridiculous. 

And they don't have a kid of their own anywhere in sight!

Unsolicited parenting advice is never welcome, but it does seem to crop up at the worst possible moment most of the time. A Reddit user named u/crou87 posted in a subreddit dedicated to "malicious compliance," and shared a story that perfectly encapsulates this phenomenon. Only this time, she had her revenge. Oh, yes.