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Patients Are Getting "Bike Prescriptions" to Help Fight Heart Disease and Obesity


Everyone knows that cardio is good for you, but it doesn't change the fact that many people today are severely lacking in that department.

With rising cases of heart disease killing people all around the world, now more than ever people need to get their cardio in whenever they can.

While it's nearly impossible to outrun, (or out-bike, -swim or -hike) a bad diet, getting one's blood flowing and burning some extra calories every day have enormous benefits for our bodies

The trouble is, many of us, especially in industrialized nations, lead very sedentary lives. We either drive to work or take public transportation with minimal walking in between. Many of us are fairly sedentary at our jobs, too.

Even gym bros who love lifting heavy weights will treat the treadmill as if it's the bubonic plague. I can't count the number of times I skipped the 20 minutes of cardio I promised to do after my workout. This is even with the full knowledge that when I commit to it for extended periods of time, I feel my best.

But there are ways to get your cardio in without spending extra time at the gym or running your knees ragged while preparing for a marathon — and that's with a bike.

If you live a few miles away from your place of employment and the weather permits at least a couple of days a week, you could log in some serious mileage with a bicycle, benefitting your heart, and waistline.