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Source: A&E/universal pictures

The #ChangeAFilmWithRhyme Hashtag Is Creating Some New Flicks We Actually Want to See


The year 2019 brought a lot of reboots, and to be honest we're a little burnt out on them. That said, the hashtag #ChangeAFilmWithRhyme alerted us to a new approach to making what is old new again by challenging people to give an old film a new spin with a rhyming pun. Though people were just riffing when they came up with new titles, we've put together a few pitches to flesh out the concepts for these exciting reimagined classics. Give us a call, Hollywood.

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Ted

Two parents are all set for an evening on the town when their regular babysitter (Mark Wahlberg) cancels at the last minute. But never fear, he's sending his best friend to stand in for him. The only trouble? Ted is a teddy bear with a potty mouth.