Family Has Adorable Argument Over Correct Way to Put Straw in Tumbler

This family on TikTok argues over the correct way to put a plastic reusable straw into a tumbler bottle. All but one of the family agrees on it.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Oct. 23 2023, Published 5:33 p.m. ET

I must have been in my mid-20s (currently 30) when I first saw a post on the internet about the little ring on soda cans and straws. According to some Tumblr user or Twitter user, can't remember which, the ring on soda cans was designed to keep straws from spinning all around the opening of the can. All you had to do was insert the straw through the ring and it stays secure.

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I didn't necessarily believe it at first (and I mostly drink from bottles anyway), but I was surprised at how well it worked when I tried it myself. I'm not totally convinced that the ring was designed with this in mind, but I haven't gone back since.

All this to say that the way people use certain straws has often been up for debate, at least as far as I've seen. For instance, this family on TikTok is locked in an adorable debate over the correct way to put a straw in a tumbler.

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This family has a debate over the correct way to put a straw in a tumbler.

In mid-October 2023, the family on @filltimefamilyadventures posted one of the cutest arguments ever on TikTok. In their 53-second video, they each argue over the correct way to put a straw in a tumbler.

The tumbler in question that the family is dealing with is a reusable travel cup with a lid and a plastic straw with a ridge on the far end of the straw. For all intents and purposes, the straw essentially gets locked in by the ridge.

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The problem that the family has boils down to whether the ridge goes on the inside of the cup or the outside. The family is firmly divided on this pressing matter.

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Dad and the two kids are in the same camp. All three of them think that the ridge is meant to go on the inside of the cup so that the sliding straw can't be pulled out of the cup.

However, Mom is alone but adamant in her stance. She thinks that the ridge is meant to go on the outside of the cup so that if you happen to take off the lid, the lid and the straw always stay attached no matter what.

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Honestly, it could go either way. Both straw insertion methods seem pretty valid and applicable in our book. However, the fact that Mom is outnumbered three-to-one in the video might just skew public opinion in their favor.

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In a similar fashion, the comments section seems to be as divided as the family themselves. Some folks believe that the mom got the right answer in the wrong way.

"She proved the wrong point successfully," one person wrote.

Another person was once "Team Inside," but became conflicted after seeing the video.

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Other folks have their hard stances on the matter.

One TikToker joked, "If you see a straw nub sticking out, run away with the straw."

Another person who claims to be in product development posited, "From a user experience standpoint, it doesn't make sense to put a stopper near the area where someone is going to sip.

Where do you stand? Are you Team Inside or Team Outside?

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