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Jack Black Accidentally Creates A Better Version of the Distracted Boyfriend Meme


I remember back when memes were shared exclusively by the degenerates of the internet. Whether it's the memes or human degeneracy that has seeped out into the mainstream first, the fact remains that memes are now tied to pop culture, and while there are thousands of formats that pop up every year, a handful of them make it to legendary status which really means that the chances of your parents not only sending you one but possibly making one of their own are dangerously high.

In modern times, arguably the most recognizable meme is the Distracted Boyfriend meme, which portrays a man walking with his (possibly former) significant other and shamelessly craning his neck to the side and gawking at another woman as she walks past them in public and broad daylight, a seen pretty uncommon outside of Hoboken, NJ for most.