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May 30 2024, Published 4:15 p.m. ET

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Creator Nazanin Kavari is an internet powerhouse. From taking over Instagram and TikTok with her videos to co-hosting a new podcast, her digital empire is only growing. Nazanin's fans adore her savvy makeup tutorials, stylish lifestyle content, and adorable pics with her family. And if that wasn't enough, her new podcast What My Sis Said, which also features her sister Yasmin, debuted on May 21, 2024. The show features sisterly advice, childhood stories, and more, and viewers are already loving it.

Distractify chatted with Nazanin to learn about her hottest take, the best advice her sister has ever given her, and more.

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What’s your most-used emoji?

NK: I love these two: 🫶🏼🎀

Talk about the best fan interaction you’ve ever had.

NK: I’ve had so many amazing interactions, but one that really stands out to me happened a few months ago! I use to do back-to-school giveaways all the time. A few years ago, I did one that included a MacBook Air laptop, Beats by Dre headphones, and a bunch of other goodies including beauty products.

A few months ago, I was invited to the Too Faced headquarters, and when I got there the girl at the front desk told me she was my winner! She even made a YouTube video showcasing the prize. She knew I was coming, so she had a sweet card prepared for me where she explained how the laptop really helped her excel in college and the makeup in the prize also helped her dive deeper into her love of makeup. Now, she is flourishing in her career at Too Faced. It was so nice to connect with her again. Her name is Miz, and we still are connected on IG!

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Source: Instagram/@nazaninkavari

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

NK: I actually don’t have any tattoos! I think they’re so hot, but the idea of one on me makes me nervous. I’m so indecisive! I would get one that’s easily hidden that would only show in a swimsuit.

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What's the weirdest or funniest rumor you've heard about yourself?

NK: So many rumors! I’ve mentioned that I’ve wanted twins in videos in the past, so people think that my twins are from IVF! Not that there’s anything wrong with IVF, it’s just crazy to see people accuse you of lying when you aren’t, LOL.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

NK: I actually have the worst singing voice in the world! I’m so envious of people who can sing! Anything by Nicki Minaj, my fellow Sag queen ♐️

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What's the best advice your sister has ever given you?

NK: Rest and relaxation are just as important as everything else! My sister always encourages me to take time for myself. Once, I was visiting her and I slept for 17 hours straight. 17! She did not judge me or even try to wake me once 😂

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What's your hottest hot take?

NK: Telling someone they’re so confident is backhanded and an insult.

Share your top three desert-island necessities.

NK: SPF, electrolyte packets, and my LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask.

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Who's the last person you texted?

NK: My sister, of course!

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What are you most excited for with your new podcast launch?

NK: We posted our podcast to our previous vlog channel that has almost 300k subscribers! We hadn’t posted on there since 2018, so I’m excited to connect with that audience again. I’m also looking forward to unlocking a whole new audience as well, and seeing my sister more often.

What was the moment you felt like you had "made it" online?

NK: There have been so many moments that it’s hard to pinpoint just one. When I hit 1 million subscribers, YouTube sent me a giant gold plaque. That felt pretty special. Also, when I did my collaboration with BH cosmetics, it sold out at Ulta, and it was so crazy to see my photo and name on there!

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Shout out one of your favorite fellow creators!

NK: I have so many! I am just as much a viewer as I am a creator. I love my friends like Dani DMC, Rissa and Quan, Justus and Kayla, Monet McMichael, Allyiahsface, Aaliyah Jay, and more.

What’s your No. 1 distraction?

NK: My phone! Our parents were right — all of my life problems stem back to this phone! 😂 Since it’s my job as well, it’s very hard to find a distinction between work and free time.

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