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Adaine Abernant in 'Fantasy High'

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Jun. 12 2024, Published 5:51 p.m. ET

Siobhan Thompson
Source: Dropout

Fantasy High: Junior Year may officially be over, but the cast of the popular Dimension 20 show has given the fans plenty to chew on following the season finale. As the third season of the popular Dungeons & Dragons show on Dropout, the Bad Kids faced off against one long-suspected bad guy and a student filled with unbridled rage over the party's continued success.

Following the conclusion of the season, Siobhan Thompson, who played wizard and elven oracle Adain Abernant, answered 13 quick questions with Distractify, sharing her favorite NPCs in Fantasy High and how she really feels about Lou Wilson's dice (bad).

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If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

ST: I have never gotten a tattoo because I have very strong opinions that change constantly about things that I think are cute. But I have been looking at -- there's a woman called Caitlin Hackett, who does these incredibly beautiful sort of fantastical creatures who I found because she did fan art for Dimension 20 We all looked at her [work] like, 'Wait, this this person is amazing.' So if I were to get a tattoo, I would get something from her.

Lou Wilson, Ally Beardsley, Brian Murphy, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Zac Oyama, Siobhan Thompson, and Emily Axford.
Source: Dropout
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If you could have any superpower, what would you pick?

ST: Honestly, I think I just would go with flying. I feel like you go through all of the more heady ones and then you get to a point it's like, actually being able to fly would be really sick. I don't really want to replicate myself. I don't really want to be able to shoot fire out of my a-s or whatever X Men thing. And isn't the world so beautiful from above? And you would be able to avoid traffic, it would be great.

What's your go-to karaoke song?

ST: "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette is my back pocket, hey, this is a banger [song]. I feel like with karaoke, you always want something that everybody knows... I remember a girl that I went to college with once picking "Songs From an Italian Restaurant" by Billy Joel. Billy Joel is not that big in the UK, certainly [not] among our age group. It had like six instrumentals in it and is an eight-minute long song, and it was a real learning moment for me of like, ah, that's what not to do at karaoke. Okay, she's, she's eating s--t in real-time. Great.

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What are your top three game day necessities?

ST: Coffee, coffee, and a good lunch. Oh, and having a blanket in the dome. Sometimes it gets really, really cold in there. Brennan runs very hot and sweats profusely. So there are two AC systems, one for the whole room and one that is just pointed at Brennan. But then me and Emily [Axford] are sitting there just shivering like tiny babies. So coffee, a good lunch, and a warm blanket. I'm a child.

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Tell us about the first Dungeons & Dragons campaign you ever played.

ST: I played a campaign that Brennan [Lee Mulligan] DMed and Emily put together... it's a world that Brennan built, and Lou's first — I don't know if it's his first [time playing] but his first time playing with Brennan was also in [this world], but in a different setting and it was a real classic high fantasy [campaign]. That's what we wanted for our first D&D sesh, where it's a big world and somebody's been opening these gates and we got to close 'em. I was like a half-elf ranger.

If you could switch lives with any celebrity for a day, who would it be and why?

ST: I think I would pick — and this is me being so ignorant that I can't even say a name, but somebody who's really good at sport, just to feel what it's like to live in a body that's really really good at sport. Like I thin kthat's the thing that would be most interesting to me. Like what does it feel like to be athletic? because the way that their bodies work is not the way that my body works.

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If you could secretly start any rumor about yourself, what would it be?

ST: I did joke for a while on Twitter, many years ago that I was Emma Thompson's daughter. I'm not -- as far as I know, I'm not in any way related to her. But that really tickled me. That I'm secretly Emma Thompson's daughter and I'm a full nepo baby.

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Where do you look for inspiration when building a new character?

ST: From whatever setting that we're going to be doing, like looking at the tropes that exist in that setting, and then seeing how I can play that in a fresh, new kind of subversive way. And then also, just going through the Player's Handbook I find very helpful. Like looking at the different specific subclasses and saying, 'How can I turn this into a playable character with the specifics in the game?' Both of those ways kind of intersect and then that's where the character comes from. And then seeing what everybody else is doing. We tend to build all our characters together.

Is there a D&D class you haven't played yet that you really want to?

ST: I have never played somebody super strong. It goes back to the athletic thing. I am so deeply unathletic that I don't even think about playing that in a fictional world, but I don't know, I might do that for the next one. We'll see. I might come out of character creation fully like 'I'm a little worm boy!' But it'd be fun to play like a paladin or a fighter.

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Do you have any superstitions about your dice? If so, please share.

ST: Not really. But I like to play at having superstitions. It's like I don't really believe in astrology, but if somebody wants to tell me I'm pretty because I'm a Leo, I'll listen. But sometimes, one die does just roll incredibly badly. Here's where I have a suspicion: Lou's dice are cursed, and he refuses to get rid of them. And it is an affront to me, and the game, and to everybody around the table.

Aelwyn Abernant in 'Fantasy High: Junior Year'
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Who is your favorite NPC in 'Fantasy High'?

ST: I think it's Aelwyn. I just have so [much] fun playing that sister dynamic. I have a sister — our relationship is so different from theirs — but that like sister banter is something that I love and I miss having it on a day-to-day basis. You know, my sister is in England and we talk all the time, but there's no replacement for having it in person.

If you had to return to 'Fantasy High' as a character other than the Bad Kids, who would you play?

ST: Oh, probably some awful elf. You know in Fraser when they moved Fraser over from Cheers, they gave him Niles as a foil, which is like even more Fraser than Fraser — so to make somebody who is like even more Adaine than Adaine. I feel like [that] would be fun. But also the pirates are so fun. I don't know. Maybe it would be Leviathan character. There are so many fun little subcultures in that world.

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What is your No. 1 distraction?

ST: It's TikTok. It's absolutely TikTok. just like everybody else. And look, listen. I think that it's kind of weirdly important as a writer to know what is going on. I was talking to somebody the other day about [that audio] 'I'm looking for a man in finance, six-five, blue eyes.' It's great, but like, you could put that in a script, everybody who was on TikTok would understand it, but everybody over the age of 40 would be like 'What is this?'

It's built for you to be addicted to it, and I am just like everybody else. It's a balance. It's like, you have to be on there because you need to know what's going on, but also do I have to be on there for as many hours a day as I am? Probably not.

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