This TikTok User Created a "Frog Army" That Is Apparently Taking Over the Neighborhood

Kori Williams - Author

Jun. 8 2022, Published 2:40 p.m. ET

There are so many things you can watch on TikTok. Learn a fun dance trend, discover new music, mind somebody else's business, or anything really. The possibilities are as vast as the app's user base.

One thing you may not expect to see on your FYP is a frog army.

Never before have we seen this many little amphibians in one place, but as we guessed, they became a bigger issue than their new owner may have realized. Here's what happened.

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This Tiktok user created a frog army that seems to be on its way to taking over his neighborhood.

In June 2022, TikTok user Thinfrog posted about creating a frog army in his garden. In the video, we learn that there's a pond in his backyard. So he scooped up as many frog eggs as he could and put them in the water. The TikToker estimated that he rescued about 1.4 million frog eggs, and afterward, he decided he wanted to create a troop of amphibians.

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In another clip from the same video, we see a flood of tiny frogs jumping out of the water in one direction. Over time, the TikToker says that no one could walk in the garden because there were so many frogs. Later on, he says the neighbors have been taken over by the frog army as well.

Although Thinfrog mentioned some regret about creating the army, it's not over yet. At the end of the video, we learn that there are estimated to be about 1 million frogs at the time the video was posted, and about half a million of them were still tadpoles.

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In a previous video, Thinfrog goes into more detail about where the frogs came from. He said there is an unspecified area that dries up every year causing millions of frog eggs to die. To prevent this from happening again, he decided to come back every day and rescue as many as he could before the area dried.

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The frog army could be a really bad idea.

Unfortunately, this could be a much bigger issue than Thinfrog realizes. Another TikTok user named Froggie Biologist spoke about the dangers of even picking up random frogs in the first place. In his own video, he stated that Thinfrog probably has no idea if these eggs are an invasive species.

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According to the National Ocean Service, an invasive species is one that causes "ecological or economic harm" to an area where it's not native. It could damage resources and other animals there.

It's unclear whether Thinfrog has any idea about what kind of frogs these are, so unleashing them into the local neighborhood can cause unforeseen issues.

"This could also be a protected species that need special permits to handle because they're rare and endangered," Froggie Biologist said. "You could be messing things up."

In addition, this TikToker said that having this many frogs in such a small place could create an issue with diseases, and because Thinfrog doesn't seem to know what kind of frogs these are, he has no idea the kind of conditions the frogs need to survive.

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