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15 Customer Service Workers Share the Funniest Angry Customers They Served



I've had a lot of jobs in my life, but if I had to pick one that you couldn't get me to relive for any dollar amount, it would be a position in customer service. I've worked food service, retail, and even some phone support, and they all are the worst. Even though servers or retail clerks usually have very little to do with whatever has upset a customer — be it an expired coupon, a discontinued item, or a backed up kitchen on a busy day — service workers take the brunt of the resulting frustration. 

But when someone's ire is completely unjustified, well... you just have to laugh. This week, people on Twitter are sharing the dumbest things customers have gotten mad at them for, and it further solidifies my resolve to never return to customer service if I can help it. 

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Twitter user @baz00per got the ball rolling sharing this interaction that she had at work last week. However you feel about plastic straws, it seems pretty silly to express concern about the health of our ocean wildlife when you are about to chow down on a giant assortment of probably extremely overfished ocean wildlife. 

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Surely there's got to be some sort of statute of limitations on complaints about food. If your week old pizza tastes bad, I'm not entirely sure that's the restaurant's fault, ma'am! 

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I'm not trying to tell anyone how to spend their money, but I can definitely guarantee even people who can afford to pay retail price for everything their hearts desire enjoy a discount. Who's out here trying to pay more for things than they need to? 

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I hate to break it to you, Susan, but it's not just a coincidence that "lemon" is in the word "lemonade." Even without the garnish, I don't think that's going to be to your liking.

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This one is a real mood. I relate to what this customer is saying — and it sounds like the woman helping her does too — but there are things we say with our outside voice and there are others we save for inside.

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This almost sounds like the sort of thing a picky child would say after learning, despite their hatred for tomatoes, that ketchup is made from tomatoes. This poor bloke enjoyed calamari weekly for god knows how long... until learning it was made from squid. Why eating a squid is more disgusting than a codfish I can't understand. 

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Even if you eat dairy, surely you're heard of... margarine? Especially if you eat dairy-free. But in the case of this irate customer, he truly could not believe it's not butter. 

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Usually it's random guys on the street we have to worry about telling us to smile more, but Melissa here had a woman tell her "everything would've been fine" in their interaction had she only smiled more. Considering she accused her of "disrespecting an onion," I'm not sure there was anywhere to go but down in this transaction.

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This is why we need to teach financial literacy in high school people. It shouldn't be possible to obtain a credit card before knowing how they work. Did he somehow think they operate the same way prepaid gift cards do? What a wild and very belated awakening this guy got.

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For anyone who has ever joked about how ridiculous it is that a jar of peanut butter contains the warning "CONTAINS PEANUT INGREDIENTS" — this is why. Because people will literally read and speak aloud a key ingredient in a food and still not have it register that it might indicate its presence in said food. I suppose it's possible she didn't know almonds are nuts but... how?

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This one legitimately made me laugh aloud, but Anna wasn't the only one to have this complaint! A dog groomer said she also had a customer complain about this, which was pretty rich considering she and the dog she brought in apparently reeked of cigarettes and the poor pooch "had to get 4 baths to remove just the nicotine!"

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I have to say, 23 is a super random number to buy of anything. Most things like this come in tens or dozens, sometimes in quantities of eight. But needing exactly 23 boneless chicken wings strikes me as an OCD thing. Maybe she is one of those 23 enigma people who thinks there's some powerful connection to the number, or maybe she just really likes prime numbers. 

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I'm going to leave the sauce lady alone because I love condiments and also we have more important matters to contend with here. Like the supposedly lactose-intolerant person complaining about whipped cream atop of milkshake. You may as well shoot a water gun at a house fire if that's how you manage your food aversions.

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Well, that last part explains a lot. Maybe since she was intoxicated and at the movies, she thought the cute teens at the concession stand were the film she came to see. To be honest, I'd be pretty ticked off too if I went to see a rom-com about two cute teens working at the concession stand and they didn't end up together. I'd boo. 

I get this lady. Hey, maybe I am this lady!

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I guess I'd be pretty bummed if I spent $200 on a drone and lost it, but I'm not sure how that's Walmart's problem. But also, he didn't even have a receipt or the drone he wanted to return, he just had the... story about losing one? I mean, I've seen some stores with some pretty loose return policies but can you imagine if people could get their money back for things they supposedly (or even truly) lost?

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