Hadley Vlahos Shares She's Getting a Divorce — "I Don't Know How to Be Alone"

But just like so many other hard things, Hadley Vlahos is sharing how she's overcoming it with her followers.

Sara Belcher - Author

Mar. 21 2024, Published 6:55 p.m. ET

Being a hospice nurse is no easy job — just ask Hadley Vlahos. The nurse has millions of followers across her various platforms online, and through sharing some of her experiences caring for hospice patients, she also wrote a best-selling book and is gearing up to start her own TV show.

But while her career is on the up and up, not everything is hunky dory behind the scenes. Hadley recently shared that she's in the middle of a divorce after she and her husband of eight years decided to split.

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Hadley Vlahos revealed she's divorcing her husband in a new video on Instagram.

Since she started sharing stories from the hospice ward online, Hadley has been giving her followers little peaks into her daily life at home, as well. Those who have been following her for a while now will have watched her give birth to her daughter in 2023 and celebrated the release of her book The In-Between.

In a video posted to her Instagram account on March 20, Hadley shared publicly for the first time that she's in the middle of a divorce.

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"I am about six months into a divorce if you didn't already know," she said toward the start of the video. "A lot of people guessed it — I'm really ashamed of it, so please be nice."

Though she doesn't share the reason she and her husband have decided to call it quits (nor are we entitled to an explanation), but she shared that she's doing some home renovations as the divorce is finalized.

"My daughter says that I'm building my Barbie dream house and I laughed when she said that but she really has no idea how true that is," Hadley joked.

Anyone who's been through a tough breakup knows it's hard to rebuild yourself after — especially if you've been with that partner for many years.

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"I don't know how to be alone. I haven't been alone in eight years and before that even honestly, I'm not very good at being alone," she confessed. "I'm in therapy and this project is something that is for myself and that's something that I've always struggled with, and so I want to show it to y'all."

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Hadley is sharing her home renovations as she goes through the divorce.

In an effort to make the space feel more like her own, Hadley shared some of the renovations she's been putting into the house since the split.

"We bought this house three years ago, some of y'all might remember, it's always had a ton of potential. We always intended to renovate it someday, and I guess it's someday. I started with the master, I'll show you the before of the [bathroom]," Hadley said before detailing the changes she's made to the master bedroom and bathroom.

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"I did some of the work myself, I hired a contractor for a lot of it and I spent hours picking out all of the different choices and honestly it's just — it's my style. And it's mine, and it feels good. And I hope y'all like it as much as I do," she said after showing off the changes she's made.

Though Hadley is dealing with this huge upheaval in her life, she said in her caption that she plans to continue to share some of these renovations and lessons on learning to be alone sprinkled in between her regular content — so don't expect her page to change too much just because of this news.

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