Three-Year-Old Girl 'Takes Down' Boy With Headlock And Offers Hilarious Explanation



Seeing children rationalize their way to adolescence is a trip, especially during the early years. While some of them will have rather extreme reactions that showcase their black and white sense of justice on particular issues, it all happens at a time where the consequences are pretty low risk, and correcting the behavior is usually all it takes to ensure that it doesn't happen again often.

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A lot of these growing pains happen when they're first introduced to other children in daycare or school, and that's exactly where 3-year-old Kynlee McFetridge ran into her most recent lesson of not putting other people in a headlock.

The video starts with Kynlee's mom asking her what happened at school earlier that day, to which she responded, "I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down."

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What would inspire an innocent child to throw down a UFC-esque finisher like that? Well, according to Kynlee, it was because he suggested they do something kids shouldn't be doing.

Her mother continued to question her in the video to get to the source of the aggression.

"Why, what did he say?" her mother asked.
"Because kids don’t get married. That’s why I put headlock down on him." Kynlee responded.
"Did he say he wanted to marry you?"
 "Yeah, but kids don’t get married. That’s why I put a headlock on him." 
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Source: Fox 2 Facebook Page

Tough break for the little guy. Hasn't even reached double digits and he already reached his first major rejection milestone. But how does a little girl learn how to 'put a headlock' on someone? Well, there's an interesting little story behind that.

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It turns out that Kynlee has some formal wrestling experience. When she was just 5 months old, she had to go in for open heart surgery to correct what's called a Trilogy of Fallot, a heart defect where there's a hole in the wall separating the lower two chambers of the heart. Because she was a baby and because open heart surgery is immensely invasive and requires some serious recovery time, she fell behind other children her age when it came to physical development. When she recovered from the surgery and was cleared to be a kid again, he father decided some wrestling was what she needed to help catch up to everyone else.

 "That was my whole theory behind wrestling and roughhousing with her because she was behind the other kids," he told Fox. 
"I was trying to make her stronger so she could catch up. In doing so, she got a little rough, I guess."
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The video ends with her mother telling her to not put boys in headlocks, and Kynlee agreed. You can check out the full video below.

h/t Fox 2

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