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Sexist Troll Pens "Wifey Material" Checklist and Gets Roasted into Oblivion


One man with very stringent rules on what qualifies a woman as beautiful is receiving tons of hate online.

Sadly, it seems like we’re living in a day and age where people are rewarded for trolling.

They think that saying fake-edgy and disgusting things is a ticket to the top. And it’s hard to argue with their logic, because technically, it does work.

It won’t get you any respect and everyone will hate you and you, yourself, will probably end up a miserable human being incapable of any real joy, but at least you’ll have some infamy!

This is a recurring theme in the fight game, just ask Colby Covington how his life is going right now. 

But it’s not even in combat/entertainment sports where this phenomenon is happening, amazing things have happened for people, at least on a surface level, when they started talking trash on Twitter. Something that this dude by the name of Alexander embraced wholeheartedly when he wrote a post telling women how they could be beautiful.