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Source: amc

Is Walter White Alive in the New 'Breaking Bad' Movie?


Is Walter White alive in the upcoming Breaking Bad movie? It's already been confirmed that Bryan Cranston has been talking with Vince Gilligan about the film and that he would be on board to appear in it if the director ever asked.

Once buzz started generating on the internet that a Breaking Bad movie would be coming to AMC, one of the biggest questions was whether or not Bryan would be in the picture.

The man's performance as the chemistry-teacher-turned-crystal-meth-kingpin drew praise from pretty much everyone who's ever come across the show and is hailed as one of the finest on-camera turns to ever grace the small screen. So people wanted to know whether or not he'd be in the movie.

It seemed to have been all but ruled out once Vince confirmed that the film would take place immediately after the events of the show's finale.