This TikTok Challenge Is Sure to Result in a Few Ruined Friendships

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 26 2021, Published 8:01 p.m. ET

Kiss your Best Friends Girlfriend Challenge
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Social media challenges sometimes are done for a good cause, like the ice bucket one that helped to raise awareness for ALS. Other times the "challenges" are cleverly disguised marketing ploys to help promote songs that probably wouldn't have caught on if someone just listened to them without a bunch of folks pretending to be mannequins.

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And then there are challenges that are absolutely moronic and designed for oxygen thieves to participate in, sort of like the "kiss your best friend's girlfriend challenge" that's supposed to go viral in November of 2021.

The "kiss your best friend's girlfriend" challenge is part of a bunch of school-themed TikTok challenges.

This isn't to be confused with the "kiss your best friend" challenge, which is a bit mean-spirited and kind of manipulative where people give their best friend a kiss while they're unknowingly being filmed.

Some folks get rejected in pretty brutal ways, while others act very confused and a bit betrayed when they see the camera recording their reaction. Others get really, really into it.

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Source: TikTok via YouTube

Now, this trend for November is urging TikTokers to give their best friend's girlfriend a kiss at school, record the act and people's reactions, and then put it up online.

This is part of the same series of school year trends that are equally messed-up and often downright illegal.

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October is host to the "slap a teacher" challenge that shows students assaulting faculty members of a school for TikTok likes. You know, because humanity is now being relegated to tweets and think pieces about how we need to be better to one another and not definitive action.

Source: TikTok
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And then there was the "devious licks" trend where students stole everything they could get their hands on from a school without getting caught. Well, they upload the evidence of the crimes so they can brag about it on TikTok, so as close as possible to getting away with a crime without actually following through on the whole getting away with it part.

Then there was the September challenge that asked students to wreck their school bathrooms as if finding a quiet place to take a dump inside a school wasn't difficult enough.

There are a few other challenges planned for other months leading all the way to 2022. In February, there are challenges for intentionally vandalizing school signs.

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Source: TikTok

March has making a mess in the school's cafeteria or courtyard dining area, and in May, there's a widespread ditch day where everyone just decides not to go to school and, of course, you need to brag about it.

And for June, it's "flip off in the front office" probably as if to say, "Eff this s--t, I'm out," as you get ready for a summer full of personally enriching and life-affirming experiences.

Or, you know, you can mirthlessly perform poorly coordinated dance routines as you stare into your phone's camera hoping for the validation of strangers who are probably about as empty as you are.

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