“Can’t Stand Rainfall Showers” — Woman Says Only a Man Would Renovate a Bathroom to Have One

"Honestly can’t stand rainfall showers."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 14 2024, Published 11:25 a.m. ET

Woman Says Only a Man Would Design a Waterfall Shower Head
Source: TikTok | @annmark.photo

The battle of the sexes sees many skirmishes throughout the history of our species and it feels like a new one is occurring every single day. And the point of contention that a TikTok user who posts under the account @annmark.photo (we'll refer to her as Ann in this story) has selected as part of her gripes with men: waterfall shower heads.

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Also known as rainfall (more like rainFAIL, amirite?), showerheads or toppy-water-trolleys in Britain (probably), this style of faucet may look aesthetically pleasing to some people and the idea of water coming from directly above might appeal to some, but definitely not to folks who aren't necessarily always looking to get their hair wet whenever they step into a shower.

So to let the world know about just how bummed she (and presumably other women) get whenever she lays eyes on one of these showerheads, Ann decided to issue a PSA to men renovating bathrooms all over the world that they should ditch the waterfall style altogether — and there were throngs of other users on the app who agreed.

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"OK, this video is for anyone who's ever wondered, can you tell if a male or female designed this bathroom renovation. Let me show you."

The camera then pans to a rainfall-style faucet protruding from the ceiling of the shower area. According to the TikToker, this is a surefire way for you to tell if a man ultimately designed a bathroom.

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Her gripe with rainfall style shower heads is that they remove the option of being able to take just body showers in the event that a cleanliness-seeker doesn't feel like shampooing, conditioning, washing, drying, and gussying up their hair.

women don't like rainfall showerheads tiktok
Source: TikTok | @annmark.photo
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"That is a dead giveaway that a man, that a man redesigned this bathroom. Because women see this in an Airbnb or a hotel and we're like 'dang it' we can't take body showers now; we have to wash our hair, blow-dry our hair, style our hair, every single time we have to shower," she says.

"Please send this video to a man who remodels bathrooms and tell him please no more waterfall shower heads. Please."

Judging from the response other people had to Ann's video, it seems that there were plenty of other women ticked off about waterfall style heads.

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woman doesn't like husband's redesigned bathroom with rainfall shower tiktok
Source: TikTok | @annmark.photo

For one user it was about practicality — the water pressure never seemed to be high enough to rinse out their hair properly: "Also, the rain head DOES NOT get shampoo out!" Which was a sentiment echoed by someone else who penned: "Also they never seem to have good pressure."

Maybe it just has to do with the physics of how the water is hitting their head?

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Then there were other people who pointed out the flaws associated with waterfall-style showerheads, like their height, which would make cleaning a taller order than it needs to be, which would then, in turn, mean that whoever lives in that area isn't going to be wiping the faucet as much as they would for a more easily accessible model: "Also, who's cleaning that? It's at the ceiling height..."

Woman Says Only a Man Would Design a Waterfall Shower Head - TikTok
Source: TikTok | @annmark.photo
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For another TikToker, the choice of building materials also poses a problem — placing a rainfall showerhead directly into a popcorn-style ceiling seems like a bad combination: "It’s also directly installed on a popcorn ceiling … all that spray and steam is going to make it peel off."

According to folks on this DIY forum (and anyone who takes the time to think about how condensation works), using a textured ceiling surface such as a "popcorn"-style material probably wouldn't be the best idea for a bathroom.

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tiktok rainfall showerheads
Source: TikTok | @annmark.photo

Another person who works in plumbing said that there are other faux-pas bathroom renovators make that they're constantly attempting to work against: "I sell plumbing and I have to convince people every day to add a hand shower."

"No handheld option is a dead giveaway for a man too like what if you want to wash a kid or the dog?" someone else replied.

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Of course there were users who shared their own thoughts on how they can almost always tell when a man designed anything:

"And the big sinks!! With no counter space!!?? I do not need that much sink space."

"My husband remodeled the primary bathroom *right* before we met …. I’ve been showering in the guest bath for seven years."

"My dead giveaway is when the trashcan or sink is in another room…"

"Another dead giveaway in a restaurant or shop: no hook on the back of a door … or anywhere"

"What about when it’s just a sink and no bench space for makeup and hair dryer. Drives me insane."

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