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Source: YouTube

The Creators of Mario and Luigi Are Bankrupt — Here's What It Means for Future Mario Games


Even with the apparent uptick in Nintendo popularity after the release of the Nintendo Switch, game development company AlphaDream, the developers of the Mario and Luigi games, filed for bankruptcy on Oct. 1. In an article from Yahoo! Japan, the company admitted that they were struggling to make ends meet, and are officially going under.

The creators of Mario and Luigi filed for bankruptcy in October 2019.

In a press release, the company admitted that they were struggling to stay afloat amid the rising cost of game production and the failure to meet their sales goals, saying, "business performance has not recovered and it has become difficult to continue the business." 

Over time, the company accumulated massive debt, admitting in their announcement that it totaled "approximately 465 million yen as of the end of March 2018."