If You’re Particularly Affected by “Monday Misery,” These Memes Might Help You Cope

"Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Mar. 20 2024, Published 11:43 a.m. ET

Memes for Mondays
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You can decry this as Instagram-quote-faux-positivity all you want, but it's a fact of life: We don't know if we're guaranteed another day or even another minute. Anyone who's ever lost a loved one in an untimely fashion would tell you that cherishing every moment you can spend with that person while they're still alive is something more of us should be actively focusing on.

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Not just "getting through" the day, not just surviving, but thriving.

That doesn't mean the desire to coast through certain situations due to emotional, mental, or physical lassitude isn't a very real struggle; it's something that tons of people go through on a daily basis, and there are some days of the week that are more predisposed to this doom-and-gloom thought process than others.

A calendar depicting a particularly scary Monday
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And the day that everyone seems to hate the most is Mondays. Maybe it's because it's a reminder that after a weekend of getting to hang out and being "off the hook" from work responsibilities, knowing that you have to pick up whatever slack you dropped in that two-day period is back on the menu.

And like any form of discomfort folks need to deal with nowadays, there are plenty of memes online that deal with the phenomena that is "Monday Misery."

Cue the 'Jurassic Park' theme song.

This kid looks a little too excited to be running away from a dinosaur. Maybe he's headed home to ask his mom if he can keep it.

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You take one look at the calendar and probably think the following:

What makes this meme especially painful for folks who love marinating on sand and subjecting themselves to skin cancer is that they're probably wishing they were on a beach while checking this meme out.

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Some of the memes get pretty introspective.

It's a difficult day when you realize your negative opinions about things don't make you as special and counter-culture as you thought you were.

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Speaking of which...

Heading into work realizing that you have a ton of stuff Friday you left as a problem for Monday can get you realizing that maybe you should've adopted better time management skills.

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For some people, the thought of Monday is enough to drive them insane.

Worrying about a day you're dreading can ruin the free time that you already have — don't end up like Peter Griffin here.

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'Interstellar 2' should be about this phenomenon.

This one will hit especially harder if you work in office.

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You shouldn't want to just try to get through it, you know?

Or else you'll end up pulling off half-hearted attempts like this one.

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Ghosts of Friday work past

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Some people have found workarounds for Monday mopes.

But doesn't this just turn Tuesday into the new Monday?

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Be careful what you wish for?

Or maybe your job is great and you're just not great in it?

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*What Was Monday Made For?"

Apparently depression spawned from LAZINESS.

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Why would someone paint this?

Did somebody have this hanging in their house?

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This mouse is wrecked.

This is why you don't sneak into Cinderella's stash — she needs some strong s--- to deal with her stepsisters, how can you blame her?

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Inside you there are two cats...

...unless you're Richard Gere, in which case they're allegedly gerbils.

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You were raised wrong, kid.

But at least your parents gave you a cool shirt to wear.

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One of the worst reviewed days apparently.

It's important to remember that there are people behind the businesses / websites / days of the week that you malign online.

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It's a no-brainer to include a meme from 'The Office' in a list about working on Mondays.

Dwight Schrute ugly crying does seem like an untapped meme format.

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For some folks, they feel the wind get knocked right out of them whenever Monday rolls around.

And even though this image still was lifted from the Last of Us TV show to embody the despair folks feel whenever Monday rolls around, there's nothing that can be as depressing as watching the series.

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Take a whiff of that Monday.

For some folks, Monday just pulls the bluntness right out of them.

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