TikToker Katie K Insists Comedian Mojo Brooks Owes Her an Apology, but the Internet Disagrees

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jan. 23 2024, Published 2:28 p.m. ET

Katie K and Mojo Brookzz
Source: TikTok/@katiekcomedy/@mojobrookzz

Standup comedy may be funny, but there sure is a lot of drama. Comedian Katie K took to TikTok to share a story about one of her gigs, which led to the truth about what really happened coming out. Without naming names, she explained how the headliner comic was supposedly rude to her. Mojo Brooks (@mojobrookzz) came forward as the comedian she was talking about, and he told his side of the story.

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The drama between Katie and Mojo has taken over TikTok so much that influencer Nadiyah Hollis chimed in to share her two cents and encourage Katie to apologize. So what really went down that led to the drama between Mojo and Katie?

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Katie K first shared her side of the drama on TikTok.

On Jan. 20, 2024, Katie decided to make an impassioned video about a rough gig she did as a standup comedian. Most of her videos aren't standup clips, so many of her 40,000 followers might have followed her for other reasons. Even still, she felt it was important to share her side of the story on her platform, perhaps to connect with her followers.

Katie explained that she was booked to open for a “bigger comic,” and although she didn’t name names, she dragged him off the bat by saying, “By bigger, I mean has a giant following. It remains to be seen if he’s more talented,” insinuating that she’s funnier than he is. Katie said that she had a “perfectly wonderful set” and that the comic was 30 minutes late to his own show.

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Katie continues, “I googled him to get his intro facts and made sure I had his name correct and was hyping up the audience. I had a great set. I did not bomb. I’m a self-aware person. I’ve been doing standup for over eight years so if I bombed, I think I would know … He comes out, doesn’t look me in the eye, doesn’t shake my hand, and starts ripping me to shreds.”

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Katie claims that he apologized to the audience for her performance and said that “she doesn’t belong here.” He also called her a “substitute teacher,” and Katie says that he spent 5-10 minutes of his set “ripping her to shreds.”

Mojo Brooks brought some heat to the drama when he shared receipts of what actually happened.

In two separate videos, Mojo explained what really happened at his gig. He explained that the venue opened earlier than it was supposed to and that he showed up at his call time. But he also shared videos of Katie’s set to explain why he had to tease her a little bit when he got onstage. In fact, when he did get onstage, he only talked about her for less than a minute and made some light jokes to release some of the tension in the room.

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In the clip Mojo shared of Katie, she got very few genuine laughs, so even if she doesn’t think she bombed, it may not have been her best set. “Katie just wasn’t set up for success,” Nadiyah surmises. “And that’s something she needs to take up with her management and the booker and all the people who put her in that position.”

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It’s clear from their videos that Katie and Mojo have completely different comedic styles — Katie leans into her feminine persona with a relatively deadpan tone, while Mojo is the complete opposite.

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Essentially, Katie should have never been booked to be his opener, so whoever made that decision didn’t do their research. Nadiyah continues, “Instead, she internalized what she was feeling onstage because she felt out of place and then lashed out at Mojo as a response, so that wasn’t cool and it wasn’t becoming of a comedian.”

Mojo shared messages from his followers who weren't impressed with Katie’s performance. So, between that and the crowd response caught on tape, Mojo needed to address the elephant in the room. He jokingly called her a “substitute teacher,” which is a pretty light-hearted roast, all things considered. Bad sets happen, and not every audience will love every comedian!

But Katie’s a comedian, so we would hope she would have been able to take the joke.

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