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Source: facebook

Angry Mom Shares Photo of Padded Bra for 6-Year-Olds and People Are Divided


A mom's startling discovery in the underwear aisle for young children ended up exploding online.

The over-sexualization of children is sadly, nothing new. Forcing children to "grow up" at a young age by throwing them in beauty pageants, changing them into more "adult" clothing, or featuring them as characters who dream about romantic (although thankfully never acted upon) relationships with older men are just a few examples of this creepy phenomenon.

Most recently, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West, and her 7-year-old boyfriend, Caiden Mills, were highlighted in a "problematic" article that discussed their relationship in very adult terms. Things only got worse when people began delving into the young man's social media account - it was evident that the push to impose a very adult image on the child was very, very real.

A lot of the image has to do with what we're dressing our children in. It's almost always cute when a child tries to literally walk in Mommy or Daddy's shoes, or trying on Mommy and Daddy's clothing. The fact that it's oversized is what makes it adorable.

However, putting on particular articles of clothing, especially ones meant to accentuate certain features in a sexual way, is disgusting. Imagine a pair of 6-inch louboutin spike heels, scaled down to a child's size? It's chilling.