"No One Prepared Me for a Teen Son" — Mom Hilariously Documents Random Stuff Found in Boy's Room

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 14 2023, Published 5:53 p.m. ET

You know that feeling of losing something in your home? Maybe you misplaced a single sock from a pair and haven't seen it in months. More often than not, you might have passively seen one random item collecting dust in your room without thinking about it, only for it to disappear the moment you actually need it. We've all misplaced stuff in our houses and have likely turned the places upside-down in search of them. In all likelihood, though, it probably ended up in Aiden's room somehow.

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Who's Aiden, you ask? He's the son of MaRoo927 on TikTok (@maroo927). This proud mom posts plenty of life updates and isn't afraid to spill the tea on how she's living on a regular basis. That includes playfully putting her kids on blast for some of their weird behavior.

In this particular instance, MaRoo decided to share details on all of the random stuff she found in her son's room while cleaning it out. You won't believe how wild his collection gets.

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A mom finds random stuff in her son's room. She shares the results on TikTok.

In late June 2023, MaRoo posted a video that features herself cleaning her son Aiden's room. According to her, she was in there with his permission to clear the place out in order to remove his bunk bed and get him a regular twin bed. In the caption she includes the note, "Nobody prepared me for a teenage son."

What she found in his room may just baffle you. Not in the stereotypical "mom finds something incriminating in her son's room" sort of way. It's more like in the "how the heck would this have ended up in a young boy's room" way.

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The first item isn't so ridiculous, though it did send MaRoo for a loop. She found a beach hat that she had apparently been looking for, saying it would have been useful for a trip they'd taken to Cancun.

Here's where it gets weird. The second item she presented was an unopened, unexpired bottle of Equate Stomach Relief Medicine.

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She continued to list off increasingly strange items that a young boy has no business having. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • a photo album from his dad's 30th birthday
  • MaRoo's seventh-grade cheerleading picture
  • a school stylus she had bought for him which Aiden swore she never got him
  • a belt bag that she had been looking for
  • at least four different coffee tumblers
  • an inflatable T-rex costume

When we say that these items have no business being in a young boy's room, what we really mean is that we can't possibly think of a good explanation as to how or why these ended up in there. Though she was still completely shocked by her findings, she continued cleaning out the room.

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Unsurprisingly, MaRoo found more things in Aiden's room. In fact, she found so many more random items that she was able to post a second part to her "excavation," this time with Aiden in the video for maximum callout factor.

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After getting verbal confirmation from Aiden that the stuff she pulled out was in fact from his room, she presented her new findings. Needless to say, it's still weird.

In her second video, MaRoo found, among other things:

  • a toy slot machine
  • a make-up box that belongs to Aiden's sister
  • a power strip
  • a lampshade that he doesn't remember how he obtained
  • a single cowboy boot
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We think it's pretty safe to assume that the next time MaRoo is looking for something in her house, she's gonna check Aiden's room first.


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