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Source: instagram

New Mom Side Hustle: Selling Extra Breast Milk to Bodybuilders


Anyone who's into the world of fitness and muscle-building will tell you that even more important than your workout routine is your nutrition regimen. If you're not counting calories and tracking your nutrient macros, then you're not maximizing your time spent in the gym effectively.

Some bodybuilders will do just about anything to get a dietary edge on other weightlifters — including adding breast milk to their nutrition plans.

Body builders are so obsessed with their nutritional intakes, they're willing to spend a ton of money on health supplements like protein powders and vitamins. Americans spend about $30 billion on these products every year.

There's a lot of debate surrounding supplements in general, even something as simple as whey protein powder. So some people are trying to take a more "natural" approach to their supplements. If you're a bodybuilder trying to pack on as much muscle as possible, then you're going to need to slam down plenty of calories. But that doesn't mean downing a few chocolate bars and then hitting the weight rack: you need healthy fats and healthy proteins. You're going to need something that will help you grow, because that's the whole point, right?