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Mom of Newborn Hands Out Candy and Earplugs to Passengers Before Long Flight


If you've flown even once in your life, then statistically you're probably already very familiar with the crying baby scenario. You've either by experiencing it or hearing someone complain about it prematurely while boarding the flight. It's completely understandable after all; unless you're in first class, air travel is uncomfortable enough as it is. Add a five hour soundtrack of a howling child to the mix and suddenly uncomfortable goes to really, really bad.

I've seen people side-eye parents of young children on flights before and even had to speak to an upstanding citizen who continued to exclaim, "Man, that baby is so loud," to absolutely nobody a few times over when one started crying. The thing is, babies are just that, babies. They don't want to cry just as much as we don't want them to but they do because, once again, they're babies.

I don't have any kids of my own so I don't know what the stigma of flying with children actually feels like, but I'm sure it exists. Parents are probably praying that their kid just sleeps through the entire flight and probably feel like they have a scarlet 'A' on them as they're walking down the aisle to their seat.