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This Rat Is So Fat It Required Rescue After Getting Stuck in Sewer Grate


Animals are cute, but certain animals are nothing more than pests. I'm not talking about gnats or mosquitoes, I mean the ones that seem to be some variation of rat and contribute nothing beyond filth to the areas they frequent. Pigeons, seagulls, raccoons, possums, field mice, and of course the most unsightly of the bunch, actual rats.

Bubonic plague aside, rats exist simply to destroy. There will never be a pre-apocalyptic scenario where someone is happy to see rats. If they infest an area, it isn't uncommon to see folks lay out traps for them where they'll end up dying a pretty gruesome death, be it slow or fast.

Still, even these terrible creatures can elicit sympathy from us when they're vulnerable, and that's exactly what happened in Bensheim, Germany.