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Source: Netflix

Prepare Yourself — You're About to Fall in Love With Grizz From 'The Society'


The latest series worth binge-watching ASAP is Netflix’s The Society. The premise of the show focuses on teenagers in a small town of West Ham, Connecticut, who have somehow stumbled into an alternate universe. The big plot twist, only these pubescent teens live in their hometown. Yes, it’s adult free. So, what could possibly go wrong? 

In very Lord of the Flies fashion, these kids are tasked with surviving, and with storylines focused on power struggles, abuse, mental health, and more, this mystery-drama will surely keep you on your toes for all 10 episodes. 

While there is an array of characters in The Society to fall in love with — or hate — one that has captured fans’ attention (and ours) is Grizz (played by Jack Mulhern).