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Source: iStockPhoto

15 Things Most Americans Are Pronouncing Wrong


More than many languages, English has a tendency to happily absorb words from other cultures, but sometimes those words get lost in translation — either through misinterpretation of meaning or through mispronunciation. The same is true for foreign brands, as we learned most acutely when a Swedish soccer player revealed to us we'd been saying IKEA wrong for a couple decades. Scroll through to learn all the ways we've been butchering foreign words and brands — and how they're meant to be said.


Source: IKEA

It's your favorite place for build-it-yourself furniture and meatballs and you've been saying it this wrong all this time. Chances are, if you're from the U.K., Canada, or the U.S., you've been saying eye-KEY-uh. However, the Swedish company is pronounced very differently in Scandinavia. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, L.A. Galaxy player Zlatan Ibrahimović, who is Swedish, alerted us all to the proper pronunciation. It's "ee-KAY-uh," by the way.