Lucy's Mom's True Fate Becomes Clear in the 'Fallout' Season Finale (SPOILERS)

It seems Lucy's dad Hank MacLean has some serious secrets he's been keeping from his children.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 11 2024, Published 7:20 p.m. ET

Lucy sitting on the surface in 'Fallout'
Source: Prime Video

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for all of Season 1 of Fallout.

The inaugural season of Fallout has officially dropped on Prime Video, following an original story set in the universe of the Bethesda-developed video games. Lucy MacLean, one of our innocent and plucky protagonists, starts the season knowing that her mother is dead — but her venture to the surface will reveal more than one scary secret. What really happened to her mother, Rose MacLean?

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Did Lucy's dad kill her mom in 'Fallout'?

Technically, Lucy's mom didn't "die" like she was told her mother did — instead, her mother was turned into a ghoul. During the season finale, when Lucy is standing in front of her dad locked in a cage and hearing Moldaver's side of the story, she realizes that the ghoul sitting next to the season's assumed villain is none other than her mother.

Lucy and her dad sitting on the couch in a vault in 'Fallout'
Source: Prime Video
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When Hank decided to destroy Shady Sands, it seems he concluded evicting Rose was a necessary step in that process. Though Hank told Lucy about her mother's burial, and Betty confirmed to Lucy's brother Norm back in the vaults that she personally buried Betty, it seems this was a lie told to the children.

Despite Rose's technical non-death, some may say that Hank's decision to banish her to the surface, following the destruction of Shady Sands, essentially sentenced her to her fate as a ghoul.

What's the connection between Lucy's mom and Moldaver?

Rose and Moldaver knew each other before her eventual expulsion from Vault 33, as Rose hoped to bring her family to be part of the rebuilding of civilization on the surface. As that is the primary goal of the citizens' survival in Vault 33, Rose learning of Shady Sands gave her hope.

But when she attempted to bring her and Hank's two children to the surface to join the Shady Sands colony, Hank revolted against the idea, ultimately being the driving force behind its destruction.

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When Lucy finally reunites with her dad, she learns of her mother's real fate — and sees her sitting, as a ghoul, beside Moldaver at her dinner table.

Though there aren't many other details about Rose and Moldaver's connection, it didn't take long for those on the internet to quickly hypothesize that they were more than just friends.

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"Moldaver was definitely f--king Lucy's mom," reads one tweet put out not long after the series dropped.

"OK please tell me it’s not just that feels like Rose and Moldaver were a thing like THEY ARE LUCYS MOMS TO ME," another tweeted.

Viewers were only able to see just a small sliver of Rose's time alive with Moldaver during the last episode of Season 1, suggesting that their relationship will be expanded on in subsequent seasons. But given that Rose the ghoul was sitting next to Moldaver, as peaceful as a necrotic post-human can be, it's clear that the duo have a special connection — the details of which the show's creators have decided to leave vague, for now.

Season 1 of Fallout is now streaming exclusively on Prime Video.

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