Bryson DeChambeau Is the Target of a Hate Train in the Golf World Due to Controversies

Who's the most hated golfer? Well, Bryson DeChambeau might be in the running for that title... depending on how you look at it.

Alex West - Author

Jun. 22 2024, Published 9:00 a.m. ET

Bryson DeChambeau of The United States cradles the U.S.Open trophy after his win in the final round of the 2024 U.S. Open Championship
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Most people believe the world of golf is relatively drama-free. After all, it's a pretty subdued sport with hush-hush fans. However, they'd be wrong. There's quite a bit of beef that fans have with Bryson DeChambeau.

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There's a pretty mixed bag of opinions on the guy, including some pretty rough controversies. So, what are fans actually saying about Bryson — and is it really that bad?

Bryson DeChambeau acknowledges the applause from the galleries
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Why do people not like Bryson DeChambeau?

Most fans don't feel right about Bryson because they find his personality a tad unlikable. "He was really whiney on tour for a couple years, had that 'burrowing animal' debacle over an ant hill near his ball, called Augusta a par 67 and can barely break 75 there. Just to name a few. He seems decent on his YouTube channel though," wrote a fan on Reddit.

"t’s that he comes off as know-it-all attitude with initially his physics approach to golf, then bulking up and sounding like a muscle-guru, calling 67 par at Augusta, but then none of these things show up in his game. He always falls short. So then you’re thinking, well he’s all talk, no walk," said another.

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Some fans don't like that Bryson seems to always blame everything but himself. "It seems like it’s never his fault. The driver is s--t, the lie is s--t, the greens were off etc. He puts so much out there and talks so much you can always find something to dislike," said one.

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Some people do try to defend Bryson, though, pointing out that he's pretty young. One wrote in 2023: "Never forget how young they are; he’s just now 29, so he (and others) don't have certain level of maturity and have lived in a golf bubble all their lives, then thrown into public speaking! I’d say he is certainly intense about his career, but is a really nice guy from what I’ve seen from him to his fans/kids at tournament! We love him!"

Bryson DeChambea's controversies include a messy feud and inappropriate comments.

Bryson DeChambea has a few controversies with a varying range of severity. The first time that he rubbed the public's feathers the wrong way was when his ego got too big and he referred to Augusta at a "par 67," far below what it actually is.

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When he ended up not being able to perform well on the course, people clocked his ego. By the time he blamed his driver for "sucking," they were totally over his off-handed comments.

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Brooks Koepka and Bryson also starting feuding, forcing golf fans to choose a side. Brooks apparently made some comments about slow golfers which Bryson took issue with. Bryson wanted to tackle the issue, but the caddies told him to cool it.

SI ended up leaking a video where they were showing some serious attitude. Brooks seemed to roll his eyes in 2021, but now they seem to have smoothed things over or just stopped caring.

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Bryson also got in trouble for making some comments about 9/11. He was asked about LIV Golf, especially their ties to the Saudi government. Some believe that the Saudi government allegedly funded the terrorist attack.

"What I can say is they’re trying to do good for the world and showcase themselves in a light that hasn’t been seen in a while. Nobody’s perfect, but we’re all trying to improve in life," DeChambeau said, according to the Bleacher Report. However, some people took that as downplaying 9/11.

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