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Source: facebook

Animal Sanctuary Saves Giant Wolfdog Who Was Abandoned at a Kill Shelter


A story about a wolfdog that's so enormous it appears to be photoshopped is going viral.

There's something about stories involving mixed breed dogs with a touch of wild in them that speak to us on a personal level. I think a lot of it has to do with stories like Call of the Wild and Kavik the Wolf Dog, but it could also possibly go much deeper than that.

Humans have been successfully domesticating wild dogs for quite some time now, so as a species we must feel some kind of special pride whenever we can manage to live in peace and/or "tame? a creature that could care less about seeking our favor.

"Wolfdogs" definitely fall into that category. Mixing the tough, ruthless, and stalwart pack animals with more human-friendly breeds yields impressive and often scary results.