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Source: iStock / Twitter

Bath Bomb Turns Woman Into A 'Smurf' And The Photos Are Hilarious


Every holiday and birthday, you're guaranteed to get at least one bath bomb from a relative who had no idea what to get you. Bath bombs are up there with socks in the generic gift category. Apart from turning the bathtub into a slip and slide for the next person who has to use it, they're a pretty safe gift. 

At least that's what Twitter user Rebekah Butler probably thought. She recently picked up a galaxy bath bomb from Kroger that she claims had some unintended effects.

In a caption alongside the tweet, which has attracted thousands of comments, Butler claimed that the bath bomb "dyed" her skin. "I was in the bath for a solid 5 minutes and now I am a freaking SMURF," she added. "So to everyone I snapchat, enjoy looking at my forehead till I am no longer a smurf."  She might have wanted to read the small print on the side to see what some of the unintended side effects might be.  I have heard of rashes from the different chemicals, or even yeast infections.  If all goes right the intended use is to come out smelling and feeling refreshed and fantastic.  Yes once again in this situation that was not the case...