"It Sounds Like a Cartoon Cry" — Woman's Live Photo Fail Has Internet in Tears

"Why is it funnier each time... I'M WEEPING!"

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 25 2024, Published 6:00 a.m. ET

Woman Accidentally Records “Cartoonish” Crying on Live Photo
Source: TikTok | @shivermeekimbers

Kimber (@shivermekimbers) recorded the aftermath of a storm that she endured and uploaded it to TikTok. While taking photos of the damage, however, she learned the hard way that live photos on an iPhone also record audio, which resulted in an unintentionally hilarious situation that left other users on the app in stitches.

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"Don't cry on Live Photo guys," a text overlay in Kimber's video reads, as she cackles with another woman in the clip as a dog lazes about on the floor.

The two of them crack up as they share a picture of what appears to be a damaged room on a phone.

live photo fail
Source: TikTok
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The live photo was taken while the woman was crying about the damage done to her room. After interacting with the live photo feature, her whimpering can be heard through the phone's speakers.

It's an occurrence they found humorous, as did several other people who responded to the clip.

People couldn't believe the way the woman was weeping in the live photo. One person said that it didn't even sound like a genuine human expression: "It sounds like a cartoon cry."

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Source: TikTok | @shivermeekimbers

While another person said that they loved listening to it the more and more they replayed it: "Why is it funnier each time IM WEEPING"


For one TikTok user, the video resonated deeply with them: "ME TAKING PICS OF MY CAR ACCIDENT WHEN I WAS 16"

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Another person said that the crying sounded like a popular Pixar character: "it's like sadness from inside out crying"

"That is such a 'I’m just a girl' sob," someone else remarked.

Other people just couldn't believe it was real: "it sounds like someone mocking a cry."

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And if this person's crying sound effect was going to become a file that could be downloaded and shared over the internet there was one TikToker who came up with a great name for the file: "Crying_Whimper_Sound_SFX_004.mp3 ahhh cry"

This isn't the first time live photos have betrayed the person taking them.

There was one viral story where a guy was caught cheating after sending his girlfriend a photo of the hotel room he was staying in.

After receiving a picture of the bed, she hit the live photo function and saw another woman collapse on the mattress and lay down on the bed in the short video clip.

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And then there are tons of folks who shared their own live photo fails that ultimately went viral.

Like this person who jokingly said they wanted to "sue Apple" after their boyfriend took a live photo that ended up capturing her passing gas.

Source: X | @saintphoebexxx
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One X user ended up outing their own mother for attempting to swing from a vine, only to crash to the ground and utter a noise that feels like it came from a video game's sound effects file directory than a human being.

Source: X | @emilyw1014
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There was this X user who looked like they were putting together an audition outfit for RuPaul's Drag Race who ended up accidentally recording their earring falling from their face and crashing to the floor: "Just caught a live photo of my earring falling off ha HAAAA why am I like this."

Source: X | @theonly_zodi
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There was another woman's live photo that accurately captures all of the bulls--- that is usually shilled on people's social media accounts where folks who are clearly pretending to be happy go lucky and ecstatic are really...well...not as enthusiastic as they let on to be.

Source: X | @boywithnojob_)
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And then there was this dude who thought that snapping a picture of himself riding a bike on a couch was just about the coolest thing ever.

Source: X | @S15Jordan
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That wasn't the only live photo bike fail that went viral online, either. There was this poor kid who was living out, or at least trying to live out his Mat Hoffman fantasies, only to realize that there's a reason why they're called Extreme Sports.

Source: X | @caitlyndelgado

Have you ever been done dirty from a live photo before? How did you react? What was the nature of the done dirtyness? Is it something that you feel you could ever recover from?

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