“Seriously?!” — Woman Quits Job on Spot, Stunning Manager Who Gave “BS” Performance Review

"Oh in other words, I quit. Maybe jot that one down."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 12 2024, Published 12:16 p.m. ET

Woman Quits Corporate Banking Job During "BS" Performance Review
Source: TikTok | @batbinch

Working in corporate America sucks, mostly because of all the false personas pretending to be humane. What's worse is that these folks are often in supervisory or upper management roles. As a result, things can start to feel very disingenuous very quickly.

However, if you mind your p's and q's and manage to satisfy your responsibilities, you shouldn't run into too much trouble while you're on the clock.

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But then again, there are folks who spend a lot of their time engaging in the proverbial "game of office chairs" so to speak, and they can turn a workable corporate office environment into a nightmare as they seem primarily focused with one thing and one thing only: getting someone they don't like fired.

They can strategically utilize performance reviews and buzz words so that they can justify termination of an employee and ultimately get them fired as a result, which is what this TikToker, Erica (@batbinch), accused her now-former employer of doing during a conference call involving several different people from the company.

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Erica begins the video in the middle of this call. In several text overlays she's posted on the video, she remarks that one of the co-workers on the other line was accusing her of "stealing" from the company by not accurately reporting the hours she's worked, effectively committing wage theft.

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The TikToker then waits for a screen-sharing session to take place so that she can have an official document/decree from upper management read out to her to let her know that she's in trouble. At first, the manager she's on the call with informs her that she violated a rule which stipulates employees always have their cameras on during online conference calls.

Erica states that she does indeed keep her camera on all the time when she's at work, but that she's not always looking directly into it because she has three monitors plus a laptop in front of her at all times.

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The manager on the other end of the call states several times that Erica was being "argumentative" and that she acted in an "unprofessional" manner when she was asked to work the entirety of her eight-hour shift. The woman avers in another text overlay that she does indeed work throughout all of her shift, and suggests that her manager's distaste for her "attitude" may be grounds for "wrongful termination."

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Erica gets accused again of being "argumentative and unprofessional" by their manager who references a conference call situation where the TikToker mentioned that she couldn't hear anyone on the call.

The manager then says that upon hearing the "strategy" to fix the issue, Erica acted in a confrontational manner. However, the TikToker explains in another overlay that the "strategy" in question just involved constantly hitting the refresh button in order to get the volume to work, which she states goes against what she was told to do in training.

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Erica also states that she didn't believe she was acting in an "unprofessional" manner but rather she was just being "direct" about what was going on. Gripes with Erica's performance continue — the manager states that she acting hostile toward co-workers and clients, but Erica rallies against this claim, stating that she's never had a complaint in the four-plus years she's worked at this company, until this manager started taking issue with her.

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The manager also goes on to state that Erica needs to stay logged into the system throughout the duration of her workday, which the TikToker states she always does. She's then informed that this call serves as her "final written warning" and that it will remain that way during the whole time she's working with the company.

Erica then hints that she won't be employed with the business much longer, writing in a text overly that she'll be with the company for about three more minutes. The manager then tells her that she'll be receiving a copy of the conduct report via email and that Erica will have to sign it and send it back to her. She then asks the worker if she has any questions.

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It's at this point Erica replies that she has no intentions on complying with their requests: "No, and I will not be signing and acknowledging that. Actually the two of you can consider this moment right here finalized. I will not be proceeding with employment with [redacted] after this moment. I'm gonna clock out and I will be done," she tells the employees on the call.

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"If you guys wanna manage that instead that's fine," Erica adds. There's a slight pause on the other end of the call before Erica says, "Oh in other words, I quit."

The silence on the other end continues. "Maybe jot that one down," Erica says after rattling off a laugh. "So you don't have to worry about it any longer, Mindy."

The manager replies: "OK, so would you be able to send me an official —"

"No," Erica tells her. "Consider this my official resignation."

Another person on the call, Anthony, asks her if this is really her final decision, to which Erica tells him that it is and that she doesn't "need to discuss it."

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He tells her that she's going to be paid for the rest of that day and that she's done with the company after that call. Erica then asks if there's any questions from Natasha (who was initially having difficulty enabling screen sharing in the beginning of the video) after Anthony logs off. Mindy then quickly gets off the call as Natasha stammers a bit and asks Erica if she is really going to go through with quitting.

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Erica then asks Natasha if she's "serious" and then begins to state that the only reason Mindy was giving her a hard time is because she wasn't working above the minimum requirement goals set for the team. Erica goes on to say that she's not dumb — she's not going to let Mindy gather evidence for grounds to fire her when she hasn't been doing anything wrong.

The TikToker goes on to ask Natasha if Mindy even "showed her the score cards" of her work performance. "I'm higher than both of the other new hires for this team and have been so since the start," Erica says.

At the end of the clip, Erica writes in another overlay that Natasha ended up bouncing from the call.

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