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Ivanka Trump Had A Dance Party With Her Children, And People Are Crying Foul

Ivanka Trump Had A Dance Party With Her Children, And People Are Crying Foul
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1 year ago

On Thursday, May 5th, Ivanka Trump posted a video of herself dancing with her children. The caption read:

Little moments matter, especially for working moms!! #TBT to an after-work dance party with my boys. Working Mother Magazine outlined 10 additional things I have to say about motherhood in my #WomenWhoWorkBook. See the article at: workingmother.com/10-times-ivanka-trump-gets-real-about-wor…

Though the video is undeniably adorable, many are questioning its motives. A recent article in The New York Times points out that Ivanka has been told to post more motherly content:

An internal document lists one of her challenges as ‘perceived as rich and unrelatable.’ [An additional one: Most of her followers on social media were men.] Trump was told to post more down-to-earth pictures on her Instagram feed — less made-up model, more mommy.

The post is also getting some negative attention because Ivanka plugged her book in the caption. Though many authors use social-media to promote their products, very few of them also have high-level positions in the White House.

One commenter wrote:

While you are a working mother---you have loads of help...you know nothing about the stress involved with juggling your career and your family. How are you able to promote your book--aren't you supposed to follow strict ethical rules surrounding promoting your brand/business?

Whatever Ivanka's reason for posting, most Facebook users are smitten with the adorable video.

I think we can all agree Ivanka's sons Joseph and Theodore have a future in dance if they want it. 

Here's the video:

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