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Guy Tweets The Moment His Heart Dropped When He Realized This Was His Replacement Lawyer



We all know the "oh crap" moment. When we're about to tackle something that's momentous and we think we have our ducks in a row, and then a wrench gets thrown into the situation. It happens ever. Single. Damn. Time.

Wedding in the morning? You got your suit pressed from the night before, shoes shined, envelope in the right side pocket, cell phone fully charged, hair already cut. So you walk out the door, ready to go, and you start your car and realize the battery's dead. Or you're a half hour into the drive at the venue when your brother/friend starts blowing up your phone and you realize you forgot to pick them up.

Some wrenches, however are a lot more frightening than others.

Like Twitter user, @Lambokeem, who found out that the lawyer who'd be representing him in his case would be calling out sick...

...and that the replacement attorney had something in common with Mike Tyson. Yes, that's a face tat she's rocking. 

It didn't really inspire confidence in the understandably shaken Keem. I mean, it's bad enough that his lawyer changed...

And people got pretty upset at him for discriminating against the lawyer, just because she has a face tat.

But it turns out that Keem had nothing to be worried about in the first place. He didn't end up doing any jail time for his unspecified crime. 

That's right, the lawyer must be a damn good one, why else would they let her in the courtroom rocking a face tattoo, unless she had skills?

Sometimes judging a book by its cover is very appropriate. But in this case, it was completely warranted.

So if you ever need a lawyer, you might want to find one with a face tattoo.

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